Pattern: Batman Amigurumi Accessories

I wanted to make a Batman Amigurumi for a friend, and my husband and I both LOVED the Link pattern by Becchin, and translated by Tanoshimou, found here.  So I decided to use that pattern as the pattern to make the person and make my own pattern for the accessories I will need for Batman.  You can find how I turned the above pattern into Batman/Bruce Wayne here.

On to the real reason you’re here, the mask, cape and suit.

Materials Needed:

Bernat Super Saver in Black, White and True Red
4.5 mm hook
3.5 mm hook
Snaps (approx 6)
Yarn Needle
Stitch marker

The Mask


Note: The whole mask is made using continuous rounds, no joining.  Use a stitch marker to mark end of round.

Using the 4.5mm hook and Black Yarn:
R1: 8 sc into magic circle. (8)
R2: inc x8 (16)
R3: (sc, inc) x8 (24)
R4: (2 sc, inc) x8 (32)
R5: (3 sc, inc) x8 (40)
R6: 8 sc, (FLO: hdc, dc, tc, dc, hdc), 14 slst, (FLO: hdc, dc, tc, dc, hdc), 8 sc.  (This row makes the ears) (40)
R7: sc all the way around.  When you get to where you made the ears single cro

Row 10 describes the process to make the gap in the eyes as shown here.

chet into the back loops that you left. This will make the ears stand up. (40)
R8: 6 sc, dec, 11 sc, dec, 11 sc, dec, 6 sc (37)
R9: 3 sc, dec, 13 sc, dec, 12 sc, dec, 3 sc (34)
R10: 12 sc, ch 1, turn, 12 sc back to start.  Once at stitch marker, remove it (replace right after you stitch in that stitch) and do 11 sc going “backwards”, ch 1, turn, go back to the stitch marker (which is 11 sc).
R11: 12 sc, ch 3, skip 5 stitches, inc, ch 3, skip 5 stitches, 11 sc. (31)
R12: 31 sc (all the way around, including in chains).
Fasten Off, weave in ends.

The Cape

Using a 4.5mm hook and Black Yarn:
R1: Ch 6, starting in the 2nd chain from the hook, sc 5 across. (5)  (Leave a long tail at the start of the chain)
R2: ch1, turn, inc, 3 sc, inc (7)
R3: ch1, turn, 7 sc (7)
R4: ch1, turn, inc, 5 sc, inc (9)
R5: ch1, turn, 9 sc (9)
R6: ch1, turn, inc, 7 sc, inc (11)
R7: ch1, turn, 11 sc (11)
R8: ch1, turn, 11 sc (11)
R9: ch1, turn, inc, 9 sc, inc (13)
R10: ch1, turn, 13 sc (13)
R11: ch1, turn, 13 sc (13)
R12: ch1, turn, inc, 11 sc, inc (15)
R13: ch1, turn, 15 sc (15)
Fasten Off, weave in ends.


For the part that wraps around the neck I chained 17 and then single crocheted back over (starting in 2nd from hook) 16 times to the end.  I sewed it on to the top of cape, approximately in the middle.  I sewed on a snap (one side to each side of the wrap) so that it will fasten around the neck.  Measure your chain and row of single crochets before attaching, the size could vary based on your tension.

The Suit

Note: This might have errors as I was so wrapped up in making it I might not have recorded the pattern correctly.  Please let me know of any errors you find.

We really wanted to give our friend a Batman that could transform into Bruce Wayne.  Therefore my husband thought it would be cool to make him a jacket.  Well I didn’t want to make my life harder so instead of making him a full jacket I made a vest with a “dress shirt” attached.  The vest fits so that it looks like the arms are part of the jacket and that it’s doing up over a shirt.  It hides the batman symbol underneath.

Back:  Using Black Yarn

Using the 3.5mm hook (so it matches the sleeves) with Black yarn:
R1: Ch 11, starting in the 2nd chain from the hook, sc 10, (until end) (10)
R2-8: Ch 1, turn, 10 sc.

Front: Make two, using Black Yarn

R1: Ch 3, starting in 2nd chain from the hook sc 2. (2)  Leave a long tail when starting chain to attach to back.
R2: ch1, turn, 2 sc (2)
R3: ch1, turn, 2 sc (2)
R4: ch1, turn, inc, sc (3)
R5: ch1, turn, 2 sc, inc (4)
R6: ch1, turn, inc, 3 sc (5)
R7: ch1, turn, inc, 3 sc, inc (7)
R8: ch1, turn, 7 sc (7)
Fasten off, leave a long tail to attach to back if desired.

Joining the Vest

This part is a little tricky to explain so please use your best judgement.  I attached the front pieces to the back using a whip stitch.  I attached two rows at the top, skipped three rows, then attached the bottom three rows.  I measured it around the arms to see what the best fit was, so yours might be a little bit different.  You want it to fit snug so it looks like one piece but not too snug that you’ll have trouble putting it on and off.  The arms are pretty flat so it works out nicely.

Shirt and Tie: Using White Yarn

R1: Ch 9, starting in 2nd chain from the hook, sc 8 across.
R2 – 7: ch1, turn, 8 sc (8)  Hold up inside vest to see if this it the height you want for the shirt.  My vest comes to a close just under the white but I only did 6 rows.  If I did it again I would do 7 which is what I put here.  But you can decide.
Fasten Off.

To create the tie I cut a long piece of the Red yarn and used a yarn needle to sew on a tie.  I started with the top and then created the bottom.  I sewed the tie on after attaching the shirt to the vest but it’s really your choice.  I tried to make it look tucked in to the jacket so you can’t see the point.

Attaching Shirt to the Vest

Using some black yarn sew one side of the shirt to the jacket.  I held the shirt into the jacket and measured how far over I wanted it.  Because the top of the jacket is more open than the bottom I wanted to make sure it was all covered.

Once it’s sewn on you want to place the snaps or fasteners.  I started with the one at the bottom on the black jacket, then worked my way up measuring and comparing as I went.  It went on a diagonal, but I always checked it before final placement.  I used a regular sewing thread and needle to sew these pieces on, but you can use whatever works best for you.  Make sure they are secure as they can be tight to break apart and you don’t want the stitches to snap.

Now you’ve made Batman And Bruce Wayne!  Please let me know what you think in the comments 🙂  I hope you enjoy this amigurumi as much as I do!

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